Sepak Takraw, or kick volleyball, is a sport native to Southeast Asia. Sepak Takraw differs from the similar sport of footvolley in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball. 

In Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, it is called sepak takraw. In Malaysia, it can be known as sepak raga as well. In the Philippines, the related native sport is known as sipà, while the international version is known by the borrowed terms sipà tákraw or sepak takraw. In Thailand, it is known simply as takraw. In Laos, it is kataw (Lao: "twine" and "kick"). In Myanmar, it is known as chin lone, and is considered more of an art as there is often no opposing team, and the point is to keep the ball aloft gracefully and interestingly.

All European Sepak Takraw associations have gathered to form FESTA in March 2003. 


This new goverment body has several key objectives: to develop Sepak Takraw in Europe, to manage the schedule of all european competitions and other Sepak Takraw events on the continent, and also serve an official body for the representatives of each european associations and facilitate the overall communication between them.

To join and be a part of FESTA, please send an email to: